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Blue Eyes White Dragon vs Dark Magician Effects and Uses

The Blue Eyes White Dragon vs The Dark Magician Effects and Uses

In this blog post, we look at the Blue Eyes White Dragon, and compare it to the Dark Magician in terms of its attack and defense strength. Overall, I feel that the Blue Eyes White Dragon is typically going to be the much stronger card, however it is entirely true that the Dark Magician has so many special effects and abilities that almost more often than not, it can beat the very thing it fears the most, the mighty Blue Eyes White Dragon, read on for more information!



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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Pharoh Atem, Yami Yugi Moto, Summons the 3 Egyptian God Cards

I really like it when the Egyptian God Cards are summoned, as they have such an aura of power to them that it is very entertaining. Enjoy the video, and be sure to comment and subscribe if you like it!

Kings Knight, Queens Knight and Jacks Knight, and Why I Really Like All These Cards

Queens Knight, Kings Knight, and Jacks Knight, and Why These are My Favorite Cards out of Yugi Moto’s Deck
If you’ve watched the most recent episodes of the Yugioh series, you’d know that Yugi Moto frequently plays Kings Knight, Queens Knight, and Jack’s Knight, and that what he often times does in later episodes of the series, is summon Kings Knight and Queens Knight, both of which require 0 sacrifices to summon, before using them to summon Jacks Knight, which is an extremely powerful combination, allowing him to get 3 monsters out on the field extremely quickly so that he can summon his Egyptian God Cards. He typically would do this during the Battle City Tournament so that he could summon slifer the sky dragon and try and use it to take out Kaiba.
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The funniest thing of the entire episode was when Yugi sacrifices Kings Knight, Queens Knight, and Jacks Knight in order to summon his Slifer the Sky Dragon, and the cartoon of Seto Kaiba goes completely bug eyed and says “You can’t summon your Egyptian God Card before I summon mine” as if he had a choice in the matter, I watched this episode recently and I was absolutely on the floor laughing.
This tactic by Yugi is kind’ve a cheap tactic, however it is something that has been fairly effective for him throughout the series. In Yugioh the movie, “Yu-Gi-Oh” Pyramid of light, he uses it again to summon not only one, but three Egyptian god cards. First, he uses it to summon Slifer the Sky Dragon, and then, Seto Kaiba uses a magic card that forces Yugi to summon all monsters of the same type from his deck, so that he could destroy them, since they are all Divine monsters, Yugi summons Obelisk the Tormentor, Slifer the Sky Dragon, and the Winged Dragon of Ra all at once from his deck. He also called him a “pompus windbag” which I found extremely amusing!

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Yugi Plays Black Skull Dragon

Ahh the good old days, the early days of Yugioh back in the early 2000's when summoning a simple Black Skull Dragon, known on the card as the B. Skull Dragon, was considered one of the most powerful monsters in the game. Nowadays, we've got Egyptian dragon cards, Blue Eyes Shining Dragons, The Seal of Oricalcos, and the whole 9 yards of other Yugioh cards, watch the video as Yami Yugi Moto fuses his Red Eyes Black Dragon from Joey Wheeler, with his ultra-powerful Summoned Skull from his own deck to make the Black Skull Dragon, enjoy! No Dark Magician deck here, just the good old fashioned Black Skull Dragon!

Dark Sage, and Why I Typically Hate This Card

Dark Sage, and Why I typically hate this card
The Dark Sage is one of those Yugioh cards that I absolutely hate, and for good reason, it is a really very old, stupid, and practically useless Yugioh card! Let’s look at the facts surrounding the Dark Sage, first off, who the heck still puts a Dark Magician AND a Time Wizard in their decks? On top of that, it only has 2800 attack points, and 3200 defense points, and it has a pretty weak special effect to for a monster card of this caliber. It has 9 stars so takes literally 3 sacrifices to make, and on top of that, its effect only allows you to add a spell card from your deck to your hand, which can be useful in some instances, but I mean come on, you’re going to sacrifice two monsters to get a Dark Magician out, then you are going to draw a Time Wizard to play the Dark Sage in a 20 to 40 card Yugioh deck? Doubt it.

Anyways, this card showed up in an episode of Yugioh where Yami Yugi is playing Joey Wheeler, his best friend at the time, in order to try and win the Duelist Kingdom tournament set up by Maximillion Pegasus, and become the duelist king. Seto Kaiba had previously gotten all the way to the end of the tournament and had gotten the chance to duel Pegasus, only to lose, and to get locked up and trapped inside of a Yugioh card, yet the guy still doesn’t believe in the heart of the cards even in later seasons! Anyways, with the Dark Sage and with Black Skull Dragon, Yami Yugi, Yugi Moto’s more powerful self, is able to quickly transform his 2500 attack point Dark Magician into a 2800 attack point Dark Sage (which seems like a lot of work for a 300 point increase….but I digress) before beating Joey Wheeler in the duel. Not a bad episode of Yugioh Duel Monsters, just something that I would call a really bad, useless card, 0/10 would not recommend.

Toon Dark Magician, And Why This Never Became a Card

The Toon Dark Magician Vs the Toon Dark Magician Girl, and Why The Toon Dark Magician of Itself Likely Never Came to Fruition
The Toon Dark Magician is not a real card, unlike its counterpart the Toon Dark Magician girl, and it is because of this that I am writing this blog post. I think that the toon Dark Magician was never implemented as a card because it likely would have been too powerful, and yes the irony of what I am saying is not lost on me since the Toon Blue Eyes White Dragon is an actual card, and in fact it is even stronger than the Dark Magician is in attack points. Even given this fact however, the Dark Magician has a series of special effects that would have been greatly amplified by making it a Toon Dark Magician card, and as such, it likely would have been too powerful, these great effects, are listed below.
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Why The Toon Dark Magician Was Likely Too Powerful to Be Made a Card
I actually just looked this up and it turns out that it is actually a card that has been made before, however it has been removed from the game overall. The reason for this is as I have said above, the Dark Magician is a “Magican”” Type of card, which shows that its power comes from power ups, using polymerization and blending nicely with powerful magic and trap cards, and using other special monster effect cards. If there were to be a Toon Dark Magician, where do we stop at? The Toon Magician of Black Chaos, the Toon Dark Paladin, the Toon Buster Blader, the Toon Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts? Either way, this is why this card is banned, the same reason that there is no Toon Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon or Toon Blue Eyes Shining Dragon, they just would’ve been too darn powerful!

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Dark Magician Knight

What is the Dark Magician Knight? How Yugi Moto Uses This combined with Sogen to Crush in a Joey Wheeler Warrior Duel Strategy!

If Yugi Moto where an archetype, magician would definitely be the one that comes to mind the most often. If Kaiba were an archetype, the king (I mean come on…Blue Eyes White Dragon is totally the king) is definitely what you would use to describe him, and if Joey Wheeler was an archetype, you’re looking at the warrior archetype hands down, just think about his warrior deck, swamp battleguard, the flamed swordsman, even the Red Eyes Black Dragon is something of a warrior dragon. If you want to really take this even further on, Tea Gardner is most definitely the lover archetype, and Tristan more or less is just a lost man that does not have an archetype.

Anyways though, on to the Dark Magician Knight, this card first appeared in one of the later seasons of Yugioh, and in hearing about this card, and in writing about it here on, it brings me back to when I was a lot younger and when I was watching Yugioh on kids WB. I can distinctly hear Yugi Moto saying “Dark Magician Knight I summon you” in that deep, childish voice that he almost has.

To refresh what I had said previously in this blog post, actually this occurred during the “deck master” episodes, with Kaiba having the Blue Eyes White Dragon, Joey having the flamed swordsman, and Yugi having the Dark Magician…sounds like the magician, the warrior and the King Archetype to me. Anyway, what happens in this episode is that Yugi and Joey Wheeler are paired up together against an extremely powerful dragon monster, known as the Berserk Dragon, which is the deck master of 5 of Seto Kaiba’s evil business rivals who want to beat Yugioh in a card game. As the game progresses and gets towards the end, Yugi finds himself getting his behind kicked alongside Joey, that is until Joey fuses his Flamed Swordsman with Yugi’s dark magician in order to power up Dark Magician and turn it into Dark Magician Knight, a warrior, which allows the flamed swordsman to power up all warrior monsters on the field by 400 attack points! To finish it off, Yugi calls out in the episode “Dark Magician Knight Attack” like he does in every single episode, which ends the duel!

Blue Eyes White Dragon vs Dark Magician Effects and Uses

The Blue Eyes White Dragon vs The Dark Magician Effects and Uses In this blog post, we look at the Blue Eyes White Dragon, and compare it ...